Pricing and Fees

Our pricing is transparent for our customers.
We have no hidden fees like others, you do not need to pay any extra dollar.

  • Monthly Fee:


  • Consolidation:

    $4 + $2 per each consolidated package

  • Mail Out Fee:

    $2 + Shipping cost. DHL mail out fee is FREE.

  • Additional Photo Request:

    $3 (5 photos)

  • Remove Invoice Request:


  • Any Other Special Request:


  • Package Free Storage:

    30 days, after that it's $1 per day, after 90 days package can be trashed (with no response to our email requests to mail it out)

  • Assisted Purchase:

    7% from transaction cost (there is credit card/paypal fee included). We don't have any flat service fee.

  • Credit Charging:

    0% fee will be added, when you are charging your credit. For example: if you are charging $100, you will get $100 to your account)


Thanks to our exclusive agreement with DHL Express, we're bringing the best rates and services in the industry!

If you ship your packages with DHL, you won't pay  Package Boss' mail out fees!

So, no mail out fees at all! We will refund mail out fee to your account balance immediately once you request mail out with DHL.

Check our DHL rates, we guarantee that you won't find better rates and if yes, the difference is on us!

or even better

Still don't know how it works or what to do? Have any questions?

Don't worry, if you have any questions, just let us know, we are glad to help you with anything.

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