Do you want to shop in the USA and looking for the best package forwarding service from the USA?

What we do

Package and Mail forwarding from USA to your country for the best prices.

We make shopping in the US simple!


Many US-based retailers don’t ship to overseas. But here is the solution. You can use a package forwarding company in the US and get free US address, so you can shop without the hassle and let the sellers ship your package to this address. After delivery to us, you can consolidate your packages and save huge on the shipping cost or ship your package to you overseas.

Also, we have the best rates and the fastest request processing in the industry! Just in hours!

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Realiable international shipping service

Do you want to shop in the US without overpaying for shipping?

Our service is simple, affordable and available for almost all countries around the world. Shop in the US and let us ship your packages to you for the best rates on the market.

1. Sign Up for Free US Address

It's simple. After free registration you will get your own US address.

2. Shop in any US store

Just use your new address with us as a delivery address.

3. Consolidate Your Packages

If you have more packages, let us to consolidate them together and save
even more money on shipping!

4. Ship Your Package

Ship packages with one of our shipping method to your home country and
save up to 80% on postage!

Who Is Package Boss?


Package Boss is a modern shipping company located in the heart of Atlanta in the city of Norcross, Georgia.

Package Boss provides 40-45% off for postage via USPS and 75-80% off for other carriers. No one else in the industry can offer these discounts!

The company established in 2019, however, right now its the fastest growing and reliable freight forwarding company in the US.

It is much cheaper than ever.

Found something you like in the US and don’t want to pay overpriced shipping rates to others?

You can shop in the US like in your home country these days.

It is effortless with Package Boss.

Don’t waste your time and shop in the US for less.

We are very straightforward!


Thanks to our exclusive agreement with DHL Express, we're bringing the best rates and services in the industry!

DHL invested their time and money with us, so we motivate our customers to use DHL's services.

If you ship your packages with DHL, you won't pay Package Boss' mail out fees!

So, no mail out fees at all! We will refund mail out fee to your account balance immediately once you request mail out with DHL.

Check our DHL rates, we guarantee that you won't find better rates and if yes, the difference is on us!

or even better

Yes, we don't have any monthly fees!

Still Not Sure?

Why To Choose Package Boss as Your Shipping Partner?

No hidden fees

No hidden fees at all. We are very straightforward.

Shipping discounts up to 80% OFF

We provide 40-45% off for postage via USPS and 75-80% off for other carriers.
No one else in industry is able to offer these discounts!

No difficult verification processes

We don't have any complicated verification processes. We trust our customers, so no ID uploads, no hours or days spent waiting for to be verified user. At Package Boss you are verified since the beginning!

Excellent customer support

We want to be the best, so don't worry about bot answers or long waiting for an answer. We are available on phone, chat and email. You always talk to human!

Multiple budget and express carriers

You can choose from slower and less expensive shipping method to the most powerful express delivery anywhere around the world!

Fast request processing (in hours)

We will process all your requests the same business day. All dark days are gone. No more waiting for an additional request, consolidation or even mail out!

Secure Packaging

We take care about your packages. We always double check if it's secured and won't be damaged during the transportation. Of course free of charge!

Multiple payment options

The choice is yours. We accept all international debit and credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum payments.

Free photo of incoming packages

We will take free photo of label and package of incoming packages. In the case of any damage, we will notify the courier on your behalf.

Assisted purchases

If the seller doesn't accept your foreign credit or debit card, we can purchase it for a little fee. Of course it's cheaper than anywhere.

Shopping in the US has never been easier!

The best reviews in the industry


Wondering what the customers say about Package Boss?

Check the reviews on the most popular websites – TrustPilot, Facebook, and Google!

Warehouse in Atlanta

Warehouse in Atlanta

Warehouse in Atlanta

Warehouse in Atlanta

US based reliable shipping company. Shop in the US for the best rates now!

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